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Sustain in Style written by Amandalina Letterio I became more conscious of my carbon footprint after living in British Columbia for a few years. I was always somewhat conscious about being eco-friendly, but moving to B.C. really elevated it. It's arguably the most beautiful province in Canada — I love it so much. It's not just B.C.'s obvious physical beauty; like the mountains, greenery, and incredible lakes. It's the lifestyle and the climate that really made me fall in love. It's a place you can enjoy the outdoors all year round and it was conducive with my need to feel a connection to the earth, even throughout the cold winter months. PRETTY PASTELS IN HAVANA, CUBA written by Jennifer Ashley on June 15, 2020 I love wearing pastel colours and with summer upon us, there is no better time to incorporate pretty pastels into your wardrobe. From robin’s egg blue to bright yellow there is something so cheerful about pastel hues. I photographed these images in Central Havana, an area known for its bright candy coloured buildings. I love how the dress I’m wearing perfectly mirrors the hues of the local architecture. The dress I’m wearing is a rental from Beyond the Runway and I love its feminine shape and exaggerated sleeves. Renting dresses for traveling is a travel blogger best kept secret! It’s such a great way to add variety to your travel wardrobe and makes for the prettiest pictures! The tiered lace detailing on this dress adds an extra element of visual interest and the colours of the floral fabric are simply divine. Read More How to look expensive (even on a budget!) written by Jennifer Ashley on December 3, 2019 Here’s a little secret for you: you don’t have to have to be a millionaire to look like a million bucks! Today I’m sharing my tips for how to look expensive, even if you are on a budget! With a little bit of strategic shopping and making the most of the items already in your closet you can upgrade your wardrobe from cheap to chic. Here are 3 tips for creating a wardrobe that looks expensive. Read More 5 Reasons You should Wear Cotton Fabric Face Masks and How to Get some for Free written by Lucy from Beyond the Runway on May 25, 2020 Recently Ive heard a lot of discussion on which is better, cloth face masks or disposable masks? The main reason people choose disposable masks is convenience (throw away after use) and easy access (from Jean-Coutou, Pharmacy). As a manufacturer of cloth face masks, I strongly suggest people use face masks made of cotton fabric. Heres why: 1. Saving money: Cloth face masks are washable and reusable. Instead of keeping buying and disposing, you only need 2-4 cloth masks to rotate for a few months. Read More Is Renting Clothes better than buying? written by Juliana Maiorino on August 18, 2020 The simplest answer is YES! But here’s 6 reasons why: 1. Be Environmentally conscious; It’s no secret that the fashion industry has contributed tremendously to the world’s pollution and the rise of fast fashion has only increased that impact. Read More You Can Now Rent Brand-Name Clothes And Accessories For Super Cheap In Montreal - MTL Blog written by Jennifer Browne on January 23, 2020 If you took a look at your closet and sifted through the clothes you have right now, it probably wouldnt take you long to find that too-small dress you bought last year and promised yourself youd fit into. Or that jumpsuit youve never worn and only bought because it was on sale. Now think about how many times youve struggled to find something to wear to a night out, a party, or a wedding, and how much money youve spent on these modish pieces. Read More How I began renting clothes vs. buying – Rent a dress in Toronto written by ToTimes.ca on February 3, 2020 Rent a dress – My recent discovery of Beyond The Runway happened when I saw a local entrepreneur (Mariela Katz) talk about it. I’ve always liked her style and certainly relate to how busy she is and the need for elegant and sophisticated looks. I’m also in between all kinds of activities and although I love shopping, the constant need for new apparel has always bothered me. I try to be sustainable but with sustainability I’ve also found a lack in options and definitely styles. Beyond the Runway – the future of economic and ecological fashion written by Alyssa de Rosa on February 13, 2020 Beyond the Runway – Ever look through your closet weeks before a big event and realize you have nothing new and fresh to drape yourself in? One look at your bank account and you suddenly wonder where you’re going to find an outfit that will turn heads for an affordable price. Beyond the Runway is a Montreal-based fashion service that offers customers the opportunity to rent designer styles on a subscription-type basis. You can finally wear that Balenciaga dress you’ve always wanted without spending thousands of dollars on a price tag! Read More MTLKatie x Beyond the Runway written by Kathleen DiCaprio on March 12, 2020 I was so happy to collaborate with Beyond the Runway this past month. Basically, this service allows you to rent designer clothes and accessories for a given amount of time. The best thing? Everything is done online. Just pick your items, they ship it to you, when you’re done with them you just ship them back. If you’re in MTL you can even go to their showroom and try the stuff on for yourself! For this collaboration, they offered me the GOLD package which allowed me to rent 4 items/rental package and exchange them as much as I want to throughout the month. Read More Everything You Need to Know About Prom Dress Rental written by Beyond the Runway In a world where everything you do, wear and say can be scrutinized on social media, finding the perfect prom dress has never been so stressful. Photos of the event are likely to remain online for many years, and there is nothing worse than looking back at old photos of yourself and feeling embarrassed. However, the total bill for this event can easily exceed hundreds of dollars after purchasing the dress, the shoes and the accessories, without forgetting hair, makeup, transportation and all related activities such as pre and post prom parties. What if we told you we had the ideal solution to significantly... Read More Is Renting Clothes Worth It? We answer your questions! written by Beyond the Runway If you’re a shopping enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the latest trend that is already revolutionizing the fashion world: clothing rental! From Cosmopolitan to Vogue, clothing rental has gained an incredible amount of attention from fashion fanatics all around the world in the past year. Read More 5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Accessories and Clothing written by Beyond the Runway As people are becoming more aware of the negative consequences of fast fashion, clothing and accessory rental companies have become increasingly popular in the recent years. In fact, since 2017, the online clothing rental industry is estimated to have grown at an approximate rate of 10.6% each year, and it is expected to continue growing at this rate for the next few years. Read More 5 Tips for Bridal Dresses Rental written by Beyond the Runway From the moment you said “Yes!”, we know you’ve only had one thing on your mind: Planning the perfect wedding you’ve been dreaming of since you were 6. However, between finding the theme, choosing the decorations and planning the perfect reception, organizing a wedding is definitely not a piece of cake (pun intended)! Summer Wardrobe Guide written by Deeksha Ahuja on June 20, 2020 Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. Undoubtedly 2020 had many ups and downs so far but I am positive that after rain comes sun! Let’s keep ourselves uplifted and smile because summer is already here! During this quarantine I have learned a few things:- ...

  1. Eating makes me happy and changes my mood.
  2. Clothes are a crucial part as it changes my outlook and makes me feel more confident and energizes me.
  3. I changed my buying pattern and focused more on colorful clothes rather than neutrals as colors give me hope and generate optimism.
  4. I always had a strong desire to buy high end designer clothes and bags but it wasn’t an affordable option for me. So I decided to change my buying pattern.
  5. Now I prefer to rent clothes rather than buying it as it saves a lot of money and I can get a lot of options to fit my budget.

I realized that summer can be even more relaxing and enjoyable if I wear loose fitted long gowns that are breathable, sophisticated as well as trendy. Well my preferences especially after this long and never ending quarantine has shifted to wearing more comfortable fitted and classic clothes.

Recently I thought of changing my way of buying clothes and choose to rent clothes rather than buying it. So I started my research for rental sites that offer styles that catch my eye. While browsing various Instagram pages, I came across Beyond the Runway.

Their website gave me the taste to browse their collection and I was mesmerized seeing a wealth of designer pieces which were super stylish and budget friendly to rent. Most appealing apparel for me was the dresses and long gowns specially the soft satin and flowy dresses of big designers which can be a statement piece for any girl and can be worn on any occasion be it a prom night or a music festival or a business meeting.

At the beginning I wasn't sure how to go about renting clothes, but I told myself it was worth trying and I wasn’t mistaken. The renting process was easy. I opted for the Silver membership and took advantage of the interesting discount on my trial month. I was able to start by renting 4 cute dresses designed by Anna Sui and Vicky and Lucas from the “Dream closet” and I can tell you it was such a hard choice to make. Now I look forward to upgrading my wardrobe with new styles and why not renting some great accessories?

I feel that this new approach to fashion worked for me best maybe because I love variety at an affordable price (Am I the only one?).

I hope you enjoy this summer wardrobe guide post. Thank you so much for reading.


Is Renting Clothes better than buying? written by Juliana Maiorino on August 18, 2020 The simplest answer is YES! But here’s 6 reasons why: 1. Be Environmentally conscious It’s no secret that the fashion industry has contributed tremendously to the world’s pollution and the rise of fast fashion has only increased that impact. Environmentally conscious shoppers have moved away from fast fashion purchases to renting clothes. It’s a great way of getting the fashion you want without the harmful impact on the environment! 2. Designer clothing is expensive To continue the fast fashion discussion, maybe shoppers have settled for low quality items but in high quantities. With rental companies, you can still get that high quality in high quantities. This will also enable you to follow the fast-moving fashion trends without spending too much or feeling bad for the environment. Click here to learn how it works! 3. Have more space in your closet Who else shops continuously until there’s no more space in their closet? Me too... Don’t worry about cleaning your closet and where to dispose your unused clothing! When renting, you give back the clothes that you’ve made use of already and have more space in your closet for other items. 4. Let’s save! Renting designer clothes will allow you to save money and put your budget towards other expenses! Let’s put this into perspective... If you were to rent 4 dresses at 500$ each, you would be spending $2000 CAD on buying these dresses that you will grow out of or that the style of the season will change. So, rent them instead, enjoy while you have them then give them back to switch for another 4 dresses that you’ll love! 5. Save time and stay safe Renting means you dont need to spend time going around shopping, trying on clothes in dressing rooms, mostly these days when the shopping experience has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand companies such as Beyond the Runway are applying the highest standards of cleaning to ensure the perfect hygiene of clothing. 6. Endless variety in one place Renting outfits online gives you access to a wealth of endless choices you cant find at any single store or shopping mall. Besides this, flexible membership plans give you the freedom to return your purchase in case the item didn’t fit. This year has been so unpredictable and not usual in so many ways due to the Covid-19 pandemic but that doesn’t mean a vacation is impossible. Even more: it’s necessary. Usually I travel abroad for two months during the summer for family or business. But going overseas wasn’t an option this year so I decided to spend a one-week vacation closer to home at Mont-Tremblant before the kids return to school in September. And my plan worked out perfectly. The weather was excellent in the second week of August, sunny but not too hot in the mountains or around the lake. I always thought women look more attractive when they wear dresses. Whatever your age or body type, you can always find the right dress to fit you perfectly. Being myself a dressy woman I wear dresses all year long, even during winter time indoor or outdoor when weather permits. One of my favorite bloggers had once said, renting dresses for traveling is a travel blogger's best-kept secret! And it's true, but not just for travel bloggers, but for any woman who loves wearing quality outfits without spending a fortune. A good friend of mine recommended me to try renting from Beyond the Runway a Canadian company with a good reputation and a large selection of designer dresses. Checking their website I was so excited to browse a huge and diversified offer, exactly what I was looking for! Choosing seven dresses (VIP members only) instead of four was the right choice for what I had in mind Now let me share this one day one dress (#onedayonedress) exciting experience with you. On our day of arrival by the time we got to the hotel it was early evening. We took a short break and went to the restaurant directly. As an opener I wore this Scandinavia One Shoulder Ruffle Accent Dress for dinner. (By the way, usually I do not buy off-shoulder dresses, but since they gave me so many options, I was seeking something different and uncommon that I have never tried before.) Scandinavia One Shoulder Ruffle Accent Dress Next came the canoe trip day when wearing a dress is not possible for safety reasons. It was so exciting paddling a canoe along the river for almost four hours! To bring even more excitement a heavy rain shower caught us and we were all completely wet before we reached the destination. What a ride! I went through a similar adventure a few years ago, when we drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, in the middle of the desert road, there came a big storm with sand and rain mixing in the air, the road was even broken for a while due to the water coming down from the mountains. We had to pull off the road till the storm faded away but soon after the sun came back shining. Getting ready for a good dinner in this Two Pears Ruffled Floral Dress. Two Pears Ruffled Floral Dres Day three was meant for shopping. Our hotel was located in the middle of the picturesque Pedestrian Village surrounded by restaurants and stores with lively streets and chic boutiques. We had a very good brunch wearing this Anna Sui Sweetheart's Kiss Chiffon Dress. Anna Sui Sweetheart's Kiss Chiffon Dress On the fourth day, we moved to a three-bedroom condo on top of the mountains with a charming view of the beautiful scenery. Although I have no meetings to attend nor meet any business people, I still wanted to pack a work wear dress. A Fit and Flare dress is a safe choice for many body types. Quite figure flattering, the black and white combination is a smart alternative too for many women, especially when you are not sure what to wear. I was drawn to this Two Pears Short Sleeve Belted Fit & Flare Dress. Two Pears Short Sleeve Belted Fit & Flare Dress The fifth day: pleasant cruise on Lake Tremblant enjoying the cool breeze. Again I usually do not buy green a lot since my favorite colors are purple and blue. But why not try a bolder look with this Stevie May Jade Valentine Mini? Stevie May Jade Valentine Mini The sixth day was for gaming - having fun playing the Escape Room for the first time. I can tell you that this game is good for all ages from kids to adults and it proves that adults are not necessarily better than kids. Pool time in the afternoon. This hotel (condos managed by a 4-star hotel) has the best pool I've ever seen. I would like to come back again just for the pool. It is quite big but due to the Covid-19, there is a limit of 10 people only. The water is clean, warm yet not very deep - very safe for kids and for not-so-good-swimmers like me. The best thing is that I've got a chance to wear this Free People Adela Slip Dress to have a walk. Free People Adela Slip Dress On the seventh day we checked out. Before leaving, I've got some time to relax and enjoy a coffee on the spacious balcony with a good view of the mountains and lakes with the morning sun shining on my face. Taking a break from work and daily routine it’s always a good idea, even a short vacation is enough to recharge our batteries. Enjoying the breeze, the sunlight and the summer in this Two Pears Long Sleeve Floral Asymmetrical Dress. Two Pears Long Sleeve Floral Asymmetrical Dress If you ask me if I was satisfied with this out of the ordinary experience I had during my seven-day vacation, I will tell you that yes, it was well worth it, I really enjoyed every moment of it and got many compliments on my dresses. Trying a new dress everyday was something I would never have imagined that would be possible. I called my friend to thank her for the suggestion and she was so happy to hear everything went so smooth and worriless. Now when I think back this challenge opened my mind to new and creative avenues to explore without breaking the bank. Now that I know how easy it is to go about renting outfits I’m already thinking about a new challenge which of course I will share it with you. Stay safe and tuned. How to dress for work Your outfit says a lot about you... especially at work! You might find yourself wondering what clothing is most appropriate for your office setting. Regardless of your company’s dress code, here are some basic guidelines to ensure you are always dressed appropriately. 1. When in doubt, dress up If you are unsure what to wear to a meeting or the first day of your new job, dress up. It is always better to be over dressed than under! Plus, this will show others that you are confident and competent! 2. Always dress professional. Dressing professional doesn’t have to mean a pant suit and a blazer but you still need to look professional if your company’s dress code is more casual. You can add personality to your outfits but make sure to wear neutral colors and tailored clothing for a clean look! You should avoid baggy, tight or revealing clothing. If your company’s dress code is business professional, opt for a blazer and knee-length skirt or dress slacks. 3. Express your style through color and accessories. Our moods and the way other people react to us can be greatly influenced by colors. It is recommended that your color choices are neutral and subtle, but you can still express your style through pops of color and accessories. We would pair a white and beige outfit with a blue designer purse! 4. Let’s talk shoes! The most important aspect of work shoes is comfort and that what we all look for but, professional and style is important too! Picking out the right pair of shoes depends on your company’s dress code. As a general rule, we suggest wearing closed-toe heels or high-quality flats. Don’t wear anything that is too chunky or has straps. The idea is to go for a clean look that is comfortable and neutral! Tip: Observe what your co-workers are wearing on your first day! That will tell you exactly what is acceptable at your workplace. To get inspired about your next outfit at work just jump to Beyond The Runway to discover a variety of styles and accessories. Love Denim? It’s never out of style! Some fashion trends are locked in a certain time and place and they will hardly make a come back soon although trends in fashion are unpredictable. It's not the case with the denim fashion and outfits. Since 1873 when the denim jeans have been invented the indigo dyed pants travelled the world to become an iconic piece of clothing and a cultural symbol and sometimes even a sign of rebellion. Gone are the days when the denim was synonymous with the famous blue pants. Jean jackets, dresses, hats, socks, bags, ties, coats, shoes popped up along the years. Fashion designers put all their creativity at work and this is quite visible all around us, in stores, on TV, Internet, movies, fashion magazines. From more classical pieces to surprising new models the world of denim is continously updating itself transcending the years still dazzling generation after generation revealing its timeless nature. Denim fashion was able to borrow from almost all popular styles: embroidery, vintage, rebel, classic, shifting from skinny silhouettes to more comfortable styles and the range of styles seems unlimited. Have a look at this selection of denim clothing from VickyandLucas and get inspired! If you prefer to rent some cool denim outfits just go to Beyond The Runway and choose your preferred membership plan. The classical denim jacket coulnd’t remain untouched by the wind of change. Bring a new vibe to your denim section of your wardrobe with this Ripped Jean Jacket. Wanna look nerdy? Try this Embroidered Ripped Denim Jacket, embellished with a modern style embroidery. Comfortable and Stylish, this Short Sleeve Lace and Denim Loose Dress boasts a creative mix of lace and denim. For colder days or as an overlay on a summer dress this soft and functional. Long Sleeve Button Front Denim Coat is just perfect. Florals on jeans? Why not? A pair of high waisted jeans nicely decorated with an embroidered rose pattern. J-CREW-GARMENT DYED DENIM JACKET A classical denim jacket with a contemporary twist in a bright and joyous color, ready for party and occasions. Fall is around the corner and this means new wardrobe! When most people think of fall style, they lean towards neutral colours and a wardrobe that will take them into the winter months. As far as versatility is concerned, a neutral palette will always offer an attractive style choice for any purpose and any season. There is always a neutral shade and variation that satisfies everyone. Here are some tips on how you stay stylish in neutrals: Mix neutral colours When wearing neutrals, you don’t have to always wear a monochromatic outfit. Although this is super stylish, consider mixing neutral colors such as white, nude, beige, khaki, grey, olive and black. Having these staple colours in your wardrobe will allow for endless outfit options. Mix textures: It is super simple to enhance a neutral outfit when mixing textures. Picture this: white jeans with a beige knit top or leather pants and flowy blouse. Cute right?! Play with structure: The last thing we want our outfit to look like is sloppy. Dress for your body type and play with structure. If your bottom is loose say flowy pants or a skirt, wear a structured fitted top or if you’re wearing tailored pants pair it with a flowy blouse. The options are infinite! Add subtle details: Not all neutral outfits have to be plain! You can always dress up your outfit with embroidery or studs. Bring a little contrast into your autumn closet: For a fresh fall look, why not look chic wearing these creative dresses where classic meets modern? They are going to wonderfully match up with just about everything. Elevate with accessories and footwear: Elevate a neutral outfit with accessories and footwear whether it’s a designer bag or booties. Don’t forget jewelry makes every outfit better! If you have the itch for some colour, this is a great way to incorporate it. When it comes to shopping clothes, I know I purchased a good one when I get to wear it in so many ways. Renting clothes isn’t an exception. After all, I only have limited time with these clothes — might as well maximize my time, might as well maximize all my resources. As you all know, I just rented some designer items from Beyond The Runway (click here to read my experience in renting clothes the first time). One of the items I rented was this J Crew Chambray Cross Back Jumpsuit. Since I only get to keep it for a month, I thought of ways on how I can wear it on a regular basis, without people noticing. After a couple of trial and errors, I was able to create three adorable looks for this designer jumpsuit using some basic items I have in my closet. Here’s how I did it. This designer jumpsuit is quite a staple so my first look was to wear it as it is. I wanted to emphasize the beauty of the jumpsuit so I dressed it up by wearing some accessories. I decided to wear it with a red headband and a pair of cherry earrings to create a vintage retro look. I don’t have a lot of shoes to pair up with this jumpsuit but luckily, I saw this pair of blue shoes in my closet which I think went along with it. Lastly, I matched it with this Louis Vitton clutch that I also rented from Beyond The Runway. This look is a great summer outfit — perfect for the last remaining days of the season! I had so much fun wearing it and the colors in this outfit truly brighten up my mood. Creating 4 Adorable Looks For My Designer Jumpsuit!Krizzia ScollonRenting Designer Clothes From Beyond The Runway - Is It Worth It?

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