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No look is complete without accessories. Some might even argue that they are what make the outfit. So naturally, we had to make sure you can rent designer bags and jewellery with us too. What kind of woman wouldn’t want to wear a new bag or piece of jewelry every month? Especially when it’s affordable...and designer!

It isn’t always easy to choose this last part of a look. There are literally millions of possibilities and factors to consider. You might want to build a look from certain earrings, a purse style, or you might want to build your accessories off an existing outfit. You could want to wear teardrop earrings with your hair up, or elegant pearls with your hair down. That’s why we’re here to help! Fashion that’s simple and fun!

Fashion that’s simple and fun!

We make it easy for you to rent designer bags. With our handy filters, you can search by designer, size of bag, colour, occasion and even the time of event! Yes, you read right. Certain bags are only meant to be worn in the evenings. We take fashion very seriously, but also try to make it as fun and as accessible as possible.

The same goes for our jewellery on rent. They range from classic to extravagant and cover everything in between. You can filter our earrings, necklaces and bracelets by colour, by designer brand and by formality. Plus, if you have an event and are looking for inspiration, we also separate our jewellery according to the occasion. We hope you’re ready, because your looks are going to get a lot more chic!

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