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How to dress for work Your outfit says a lot about you... especially at work! You might find yourself wondering what clothing is most appropriate for your office setting. Regardless of your company’s dress code, here are some basic guidelines to ensure you are always dressed appropriately. 1. When in doubt, dress up If you are unsure what to wear to a meeting or the first day of your new job, dress up. It is always better to be over dressed than under! Plus, this will show others that you are confident and competent! 2. Always dress professional. Dressing professional doesn’t have to mean a pant suit and a blazer but you still need to look professional if your company’s dress code is more casual. You can add personality to your outfits but make sure to wear neutral colors and tailored clothing for a clean look! You should avoid baggy, tight or revealing clothing. If your company’s dress code is business professional, opt for a blazer and knee-length skirt or dress slacks. 3. Express your style through color and accessories. Our moods and the way other people react to us can be greatly influenced by colors. It is recommended that your color choices are neutral and subtle, but you can still express your style through pops of color and accessories. We would pair a white and beige outfit with a blue designer purse! 4. Let’s talk shoes! The most important aspect of work shoes is comfort and that what we all look for but, professional and style is important too! Picking out the right pair of shoes depends on your company’s dress code. As a general rule, we suggest wearing closed-toe heels or high-quality flats. Don’t wear anything that is too chunky or has straps. The idea is to go for a clean look that is comfortable and neutral! Tip: Observe what your co-workers are wearing on your first day! That will tell you exactly what is acceptable at your workplace. To get inspired about your next outfit at work just jump to Beyond The Runway to discover a variety of styles and accessories.

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