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Dress Rental in Montreal, find an outfit for every occasion

Montreal, a lively, multicultural city with great food and friendly people, knows what’s up when it comes to fashion. From streets compared to those in Europe and street style just as noteworthy as in New York, it is the place to experiment and show your personality.

That’s why Beyond the Runway’s dress rental in Montreal fits in so well. It allows you to switch up your wardrobe and always have something new to wear. It is every girl’s dream to have a new robe for every special occasion.

Our Rental Memberships

Let’s be honest, we are’nt the only dress rental in Montreal, but there’s only one clothing rental company as unique as ours. You can have your dream closet starting at $80 and have the opportunity to rent items for 5 to 10 days at a time!

Of course, that’s our BASIC subscription, but there is much more! You can sign up for the SILVER subscription, where you can rent four items, swap them once per month and return it all at the end of the month. Then there is the GOLD subscription, which is our most popular.

With it, you can rent four pieces from our closet, swap them an unlimited amount of times and return them at the end of the month. That’s four dresses for the price of one!

Want to know what the best part is? You can keep up your subscription going and get new dresses every month for as long as you want!

A dress for every season

The beauty of dress rental in Montreal is that you can change your look whenever you want and dress according to how you feel. If you’re feeling formal, there’s a dress for that. If you’re feeling sporty, there’s also a dress for that. You can basically dress for every mood!

Montreal is a moody city when it comes to its seasons, so it works out perfectly. Aside from the classic seasons of spring, summer, winter, fall, there are also transition seasons where we don’t really know what to expect. On days like that, it’s super hard to figure out what to wear and our Montreal dress rental comes in handy!

Your choice of apparel can follow the roller-coaster of weather Montreal sometimes has, and then when you’re done with those pieces, you can switch them for something else.

Dresses are’nt the only items you can rent with us. You’ll have a choice from all categories of clothing from skirts and pants to blazers, rompers, sweaters, cardigans and tops. We have designer dresses from runway classics like Balenciaga, Prada and Fendi, accessories like handbags and jewelry to boot, and a junior category for those who are a little more petite.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for in terms of dresses, you’ll notice that we have handy filters where you can choose from color, formality, occasion, designer, and size.

Find the perfect fit

With us, you won’t have a problem finding a dress to fit your needs, whether you have a girl’s night out on The Main, a romantic date in Montreal’s Old Port or a brunch planned in the Plateau.

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Beyond the Runway Inc. is a rental service that offers women clothes of all kinds. We have homecoming dresses, maxi dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, jewelry, necklace, white dress, black dresses, red dress, formal dresses, casual dresses, purses, handbags, tote bags, skirts, girls dresses. Beyond The Runway is Canada's Premiere Designer Dress + Purse Rental Company. Choose from one of our monthly subscription packages. FREE shipping and return across Canada. Rent top designer brands suited for all occasions: cocktail party, wedding, prom, reception, galas, birthday, dinners business, and even for work. Our SILVER and GOLD Membership plans are flexible and tailored to your needs.


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