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Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. Undoubtedly 2020 had many ups and downs so far but I am positive that after rain comes sun! Let’s keep ourselves uplifted and smile because summer is already here!

During this quarantine I have learned a few things:-

  1. Eating makes me happy and changes my mood.
  2. Clothes are a crucial part as it changes my outlook and makes me feel more confident and energizes me.
  3. I changed my buying pattern and focused more on colorful clothes rather than neutrals as colors give me hope and generate optimism.
  4. I always had a strong desire to buy high end designer clothes and bags but it wasn’t an affordable option for me. So I decided to change my buying pattern.
  5. Now I prefer to rent clothes rather than buying it as it saves a lot of money and I can get a lot of options to fit my budget.

I realized that summer can be even more relaxing and enjoyable if I wear loose fitted long gowns that are breathable, sophisticated as well as trendy. Well my preferences especially after this long and never ending quarantine has shifted to wearing more comfortable fitted and classic clothes.

Recently I thought of changing my way of buying clothes and choose to rent clothes rather than buying it. So I started my research for rental sites that offer styles that catch my eye. While browsing various Instagram pages, I came across Beyond the Runway.

Their website gave me the taste to browse their collection and I was mesmerized seeing a wealth of designer pieces which were super stylish and budget friendly to rent. Most appealing apparel for me was the dresses and long gowns specially the soft satin and flowy dresses of big designers which can be a statement piece for any girl and can be worn on any occasion be it a prom night or a music festival or a business meeting.

At the beginning I wasn't sure how to go about renting clothes, but I told myself it was worth trying and I wasn’t mistaken. The renting process was easy. I opted for the Silver membership and took advantage of the interesting discount on my trial month. I was able to start by renting 4 cute dresses designed by Anna Sui and Vicky and Lucas from the “Dream closet” and I can tell you it was such a hard choice to make. Now I look forward to upgrading my wardrobe with new styles and why not renting some great accessories?

I feel that this new approach to fashion worked for me best maybe because I love variety at an affordable price (Am I the only one?).

I hope you enjoy this summer wardrobe guide post. Thank you so much for reading.


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